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Closed Head Injuries

Massachusetts Workplace Disability Attorneys

The Massachusetts workers’ compensation lawyers at Kantrovitz & Associates have over 20 years of experience recovering benefits for workers who have sustained closed head injuries or suffer post-concussion symptoms from a job-related accident. We understand the long-term effects of living with traumatic brain injury, from the loss of work to the exorbitant medical expenses that recovery can involve. Our Boston office is dedicated to fighting for injured workers across Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

Post-Concussion Syndrome

A concussion is the most common form of closed head injury, which results from a blow to the head. Although the striking object does not penetrate the skull, the impact can still damage the brain, resulting in traumatic brain injury. Approximately 7 million people in the United States suffer from closed head injuries every year. Serious concussions have the same effect as traumatic brain injuries, permanently altering normal brain function. Post-concussion syndrome refers to the effects following a closed head injury causing severe injury to the brain.

Workplace Causes

Closed head injuries generally involve a sharp blow to the head, shaking the brain. Symptoms may be immediately apparent or develop over time. Following a concussion, workers can develop a complex disorder known as post-concussion syndrome. Workplace accidents causing closed head injuries and brain damage often involve:

  • Slip-and-falls
  • Falling objects
  • Physical assault
  • Vehicle collisions
  • Construction accidents
  • Riggers, crane operators
  • Previous concussion, injury

Workers who suffer closed head injuries often continue to suffer symptoms associated with post-concussive disorder, and can be put out of work for long periods of time. Trauma or damage to the brain may also prevent employees from returning to work or performing at the same capacity. Massachusetts workers are entitled to compensation for head injuries sustained on the job.

Effect on Employment

Closed head injuries and post-concussive disorder may preclude normal brain functioning. Disabled employees often can no longer carry out the same duties or work at the same level of proficiency after the injury. Lasting effects of closed head injuries and post-concussion syndrome can include:

  • Epilepsy, seizure
  • Chronic headaches
  • Altered taste or smell
  • Loss of hearing, vision
  • Coma, amnesia, fatigue
  • Dizziness, sleep disorder
  • Slurred speech, confusion
  • Impaired thinking and focus
  • Cognitive, language problems
  • Depression, anxiety, irritability
  • Short or long-term memory loss

Drastic changes in brain chemistry can clearly alter a worker’s quality of life. Disruption of the brain’s molecular structure impacts a wide variety of functions necessary for employment, from the ability to reason and speak to the loss of general motor function.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers whose livelihoods are threatened after a closed head injury are entitled to compensation. Massachusetts law provides benefits to disabled employees who cannot return to their former jobs. Workers’ compensation is awarded regardless of fault and may include:

  • Partial disability
  • Medical expenses
  • Sensory impairment
  • Lump-sum settlement
  • Weekly cash payment
  • Prescription medication
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Permanent total disability
  • Temporary total disability

Benefits are determined by several factors, including the severity and duration of incapacity and the employee’s average weekly wage. The guidance of a knowledgeable attorney is critical to defending your legal rights after a workplace accident and obtaining timely compensation for your loss.

Experienced Legal Counsel

If you sustained a closed head injury or suffer from post-concussive disorder caused by a workplace injury, the Massachusetts workers’ compensation attorneys at Kantrovitz & Associates can help. For over 20 years, we have fought for the rights of injured employees filing workers’ compensation claims or appeals. Our Boston office protects the interests of disabled workers in Middlesex, Norfolk, Merrimack, Suffolk, Essex, and Plymouth counties. Call 800-367-0871 today to consult one of our experienced lawyers or contact us online.

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