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Construction & Manufacturing Injuries

Massachusetts Workplace Injury Lawyers

The Massachusetts workers’ compensation attorneys at Kantrovitz & Associates are dedicated to recovering benefits for construction and manufacturing workers injured on the job. For over 20 years, we have protected the rights of injured workers in administrative hearings and appeals. We fight reluctant employers and insurers while advocating for construction and manufacturing workers in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.

Construction and Manufacturing

Among all industry sectors, construction and manufacturing workers face the highest risk of injury and death. Since the 1970s, these workers top the most recorded cases of debilitating disability resulting in restricted motion, job transfers, and extensive medical care. Manufacturing accounted for over 30% of all occupational illness cases in 2011 alone, while construction led the way in job-related fatalities. The dangerous work environments of both sectors often involve:

  • Power tools
  • Outdoor falls
  • Electrocutions
  • Heavy equipment
  • Exposure to toxins
  • Mechanical failures
  • Chemical burns, spills
  • Being struck by objects
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Musculoskeletal disorders

Workplace accidents in both industries persist because construction and manufacturing are often mistakenly identified as “unskilled” labor. The misnomer implies that any worker can do a given job when very few can. In fact, current employers have seen a steady decline in workers skilled enough to operate the heavy machinery crucial to both sectors. The lack of training, supervision, and procedures in place to prevent disability and death remains a serious issue.

Manufacturing Injuries

Manufacturing injuries often occur in the context of making concrete, plastic, or wood products. The most common source of injury is getting struck by or caught between objects. The mechanical hazards of working with heavy machinery and equipment often involve:

  • Improper shut off
  • Falls from elevation
  • Pulling part from mold
  • Concrete accumulations
  • Lack of interlocking gate
  • Empty concrete mix tanks
  • Falling tool, metal, lumber
  • Flying plywood, wood chips

Manufacturing injuries are so serious that workers often have to take an average of over 200 days off of work. Some employees cannot return at all due to permanent disability. The same life-altering injuries are also prevalent in construction.

Construction Injuries

Construction injuries often occur among carpenters, electricians, bricklayers, painters, and plumbers. Whether working on wood frames, building repairs, or interior finishes, construction workers are exposed to various hazards on the job. Related injuries often involve:

  • Falls
  • Lost hearing
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Falling object
  • Ladders, scaffolds
  • Respiratory disease
  • Electrocution, burns
  • Roofing safety issues
  • Powered industrial trucks
  • Hazardous energy control

These dangers were the most frequently cited OSHA violations in 2012. Falls, machine accidents, and electrocutions caused a startling increase in fatal work injuries among contractors the same year. Injured workers and bereft family members should be entitled to compensation for their loss.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Massachusetts law may require employers and insurers to pay for work-related injuries regardless of fault. This can include compensation for medical costs, lost work days, and disabling conditions that prevent employees from working at their full potential. Lump-sum payments may be available in addition to weekly cash payments based upon a percentage of a worker’s average weekly wage. Injured workers may also be entitled to compensation for partial or total incapacity and permanent losses that make return to work impossible, or limited to jobs paying a lower wage.

Experienced Workplace Injury Advocates

If you have suffered a construction or manufacturing injury, consult the Massachusetts workers’ compensation lawyers at Kantrovitz & Associates today. We have over 20 years of experience recovering benefits for injured workers across Massachusetts. Our Boston office is proud to serve areas including, but not limited to, Merrimack, Essex, Norfolk, Plymouth, Suffolk, and Middlesex Counties. Call 800-367-0871 for a free consultation or contact us online.

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