Endocrine System Impairments

Massachusetts Lawyers Guiding You Through the Disability Benefits Process

Endocrine system impairments are increasingly common, with many individuals suffering from complications involving their thyroid, adrenals, pancreas, and pituitary glands. These primary endocrine glands are responsible for regulating hormones within the body, and impairments can arise when they produce too little or too much of a certain hormone, resulting in endocrine disorders. If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with an endocrine disorder and the complications from the disorder are affecting work responsibilities, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). At Kantrovitz & Associates, our disability benefits attorneys have worked with individuals throughout Massachusetts who are suffering from a wide variety of endocrine impairments. Our clients come from New Hampshire and Rhode Island as well. We understand the damaging effects of these diseases and can work with you to prepare your SSDI application.

Preparing Your SSDI Application

The Social Security Administration (SSA) currently recognizes endocrine disorders as a potential impairment qualifying for disability benefits in its Listing of Impairments. Under Section 9.00, applicants who have been diagnosed with an endocrine disorder that has not responded to medication can qualify for SSDI under this listing. This is an especially narrow listing because many individuals take medication for their endocrine impairments and find some relief, yet they may continue to suffer from debilitating side effects. For this reason, applicants with endocrine impairments may also wish to consider applying under a listing applicable to their specific side effects, such as osteoporosis caused by your body’s decreased ability to regulate calcium levels.

Alternatively, if you find that the cumulative effects of your disorder prevent you from working, yet no one effect is so significant as to qualify under one of the SSA’s listings, you may also apply for disability benefits through an assessment of your residual functional capacity (RFC). This assessment considers all of the medical evidence from your doctors regarding your disorder, your statements concerning your limitations, and statements from those who know you to determine whether your endocrine impairment prevents you from performing work in any industry nationwide and thus qualifies you as disabled.

Appealing Your Initial Determination

Since the symptoms of endocrine disorders are often insidious and less apparent to the untrained eye than, for instance, a stroke, many disability applicants with endocrine disorders may find that the initial SSDI application is denied. In this circumstance, it may be wise to appeal your application and ask the SSA to reconsider whether you should qualify for benefits. During this reconsideration, the SSA may realize that they incorrectly evaluated medical evidence that you presented or applied an improper standard to your application. Mistakes can happen during the evaluation process, and an appeal is the only way to ensure that they are corrected.

Even if your application is denied after reconsideration, you may wish to continue to make additional appeals concerning your application, such as appearing before an administrative law judge to argue why your application was incorrectly denied. If you are considering this route, you may wish to work with a knowledgeable and experienced disability attorney to make sure your arguments are presented in a convincing manner.

Discuss Your Social Security Claim with a Massachusetts Attorney

Applying for disability benefits can be a frustrating experience full of challenges and concerns. The road to obtaining financial assistance is often long, and you may find yourself frequently questioning why the SSA does not understand or appreciate the severe and debilitating effects that your endocrine disorder has had on your body and your life. At Kantrovitz & Associates, our compassionate Social Security lawyers have over two decades of experience helping Massachusetts residents apply for SSDI and are well versed in the errors that the SSA may sometimes make when evaluating disability applications. We can help you prepare an application that is responsive to the SSA’s evaluation process and will fight for you on appeal if that is needed. If you are a resident of Boston or the Merrimack River area, or surrounding counties such as Plymouth, Norfolk, Essex, Suffolk, or Middlesex, contact us at (800) 367-0871 or online.