Request for Hearing

Massachusetts Social Security Disability (SSD) Law

The Massachusetts Social Security disability lawyers firm of Kantrovitz & Associates has been serving injured and disabled workers for over 25 years. Our Boston office provides comprehensive and dedicated representation to SSDI/SSI claimants in hearings before an administrative law judge (ALJ). Disabled workers should have an experienced legal team backing their interests at the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review.

Stage 3 for SSDI Applicants

Because over 85% of reconsideration requests are denied, applicants are encouraged to request a hearing before an ALJ. This stage of the appeals process gives claimants the best chance of succeeding on their claim. Qualified representation further increases the likelihood of success. To apply for a hearing, applicants must be eligible to proceed with the next stage of appeal, choose one way to request a hearing, and carefully follow the relevant instructions:

  • Eligibility requirements for review
    • Received notice of decision after review of initial application
    • Disagree with denial and appeal within 60 days of reconsideration
  • Online application for SSDI/SSI Hearing
    • Update personal and representative information on internet application
    • Provide new health, work, and medical treatment data in disability report
  • Write letter to Social Security Administration (SSA)
    • Request hearing so that SSA will send necessary forms to complete
  • Send Form HA-501, Request for Hearing by ALJ
    • State reason for disagreement with denial of disability benefits
    • Notify SSA of any additional evidence and intent to attend hearing

Before applying for a hearing, claimants should gather information that the SSA will require, including their social security number, notice of decision/reconsideration, contact information of lawyer and friend or relative who can testify about disability, and any new tests, treatment, hospital visits, or medications since the claimant last contacted the SSA. The denial letter should instruct claimants as to how to request a hearing date. The average wait time for a hearing is approximately one year.

Hearing Request Forms

Form HA-501 requests a hearing date before the ALJ. Applicants must also submit additional forms required by the SSA, including:

  • SSA-3441 Disability Report-Appeal
  • SSA-827 Medical Disclosure Authorization
  • SSA-1696 Appointment of Legal Representative
  • HA-4631 Recent Medical Treatment
  • HA-4632 Medication (prescription or other)
  • HA-4633 Work Background (employed since last claim)

Any new supporting evidence should be filed within 5 days of the hearing request. The SSA has discretion to deny late requests for hearings (beyond 60 days) and to submit new evidence.

Fast-Track Hearing

In some cases, claimants can bypass the 1-year wait time with the help of an experienced lawyer. Expedited hearings are proper for claimants in “dire need” of financial or medical assistance. A local senator may also submit a “congressional inquiry” on behalf of the claimant requesting an earlier hearing. Compelling evidence of a significantly deteriorating condition may also be eligible for “on the record review” in which the case is approved without a hearing. Finally, an “attorney advisor” rather than an ALJ can issue an “opinion” based on evidence in the record.

Maximizing Benefits for Disabled Workers

If you have been denied compensation, the Massachusetts disability attorneys of Kantrovitz & Associates can dramatically increase your chances of expediting relief through a hearing. We have maximized SSDI/SSI benefits for previously-denied applicants in Boston, Norfolk County, Essex County, Middlesex County, Suffolk County, Plymouth County, Merrimack River area, and other areas throughout Massachusetts. We also represent injured workers from New Hampshire and Rhode Island. For a free consultation, call (800) 367-0871 or contact us online.