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Retaining a Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Advocates

The Massachusetts workers’ compensation attorneys at Kantrovitz & Associates are dedicated to maximizing benefits for disabled workers throughout the Commonwealth. We bring 20 years of experience to each case, giving yours the time and attention it deserves. At Kantrovitz & Associates, we strive to recover an award for you that will cover lost workdays and physical restrictions that could otherwise threaten your future and family. Our Boston firm represents injured workers in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.

Guiding You Through the Complex Claims System

Some workers’ compensation claims are not disputed by the employer or insurer. But due to the complexity of workers’ compensation law, the Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA)—the agency responsible for administering benefits in Massachusetts—strongly advises claimants to seek legal counsel. The assistance of a dedicated attorney is crucial in proving your case, and in representing your interests in hearings before the DIA. From the start, knowledgeable attorneys can dramatically improve your chances of maximizing the various benefits you deserve.

Burden of Proof and Process

Although workers should be entitled to compensation for job-related injuries, proving eligibility is an adversarial process. Insurance companies are often out to protect their own revenues, not pay out claims. As a result, they have myriad reasons to deny, lowball, or find weaknesses in your case. Experienced advocates fight for your rights at every step in the process, which often involves:

  • Medical records
  • Employment history
  • Diagnosis of disability
  • Evidence of medical bills
  • Information from employers
  • Proof of work-related accident
  • Proof of concurrent employment
  • Conferences, conciliations, or hearings
  • Eligibility for Social Security benefits
  • Evidence of living expenses, future loss
  • Personal injury lawsuit and civil damages
  • Eligibility for disability retirement benefits
  • Negotiation with insurers for fair settlement
  • Showing necessary disputed medical treatment
  • Meeting strict deadlines for hearings and appeals

Knowing the full extent of your rights and all the benefits to which you may be entitled is crucial. You never know how long you will be out of work or how an incapacity with affect your future earnings. At Kantrovitz & Associates, we have decades of experience advocating for the best possible settlements with insurers, administrative law judges, and the DIA Review Board. We know the evidence required to prove eligibility for various benefits and to give you the best chance of receiving them.

Legal Service Fees

Unlike other legal areas, workers’ compensation law requires the insurer to pay most of the legal fees if successful. Attorneys’ fees are paid from the amounts attorneys win in your case. In cases involving third-party negligence, Kantrovitz & Associates handles personal injury actions on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you pay nothing unless we recover compensation for you.

Hiring the Right Firm

If you are filing a claim or appealing from a denial or discontinuation of benefits, the Massachusetts workers’ compensation lawyers at Kantrovitz & Associates can help. We have over 20 years of experience fighting for maximum benefits and personal injury damages for injured Massachusetts workers. Knowing how important your claim is to you, we ensure you remain informed and personally answer all questions about your case. Kantrovitz & Associates is dedicated to representing workers in Boston, Norfolk, Essex, Suffolk, Middlesex, Plymouth, and Merrimack counties, among others. Call 800-367-0871 today for a free consultation or contact us online.

Client Reviews
Steve is very knowledgeable and is able to answer any questions you might have, explaining it in language you can understand. He is very empathetic and listens to you. Mary
I just wanted to thank Steve for all he did for me. He stayed in touch, he was VERY prepared, he explained every step to me clearly, and he made me feel comfortable. He is a really down to earth guy, who CARES about the people he represents. I can’t say recommend him enough. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial. Joanne M
Steve, I just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work and effort on my behalf. You really made a stressful situation bearable and I never felt like you weren’t right on top of things, which I very much appreciate. You are a good man my friend and for that I thank you. Bobby