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Thank You

At a time when I needed a Workers' Compensation lawyer, a family member recommended Steven. I did my own research and decided I would give Steven a call. I am glad I did. Steven listened to the details of my injury, answered my questions and gave me peace of mind that everything was going to be okay. He was right. Steven was successful with my case. Thank you.

- Anonymous


I am the wife of a man using Attorney Steven Kantrovitz in a Worker’s Compensation case. Although I generally do not write reviews, I feel compelled to share my experience with Attorney Kantrovitz's handling of my husband’s case. As the spouse of the injured party, I have relied heavily on Attorney Kantrovitz’s expertise and experience. I have had numerous questions, posed numerous scenarios to Attorney Kantrovitz, and have always walked away feeling that I understood each possible outcome. Attorney Kantrovitz has taken the time to explain “the process” of dealing with a worker’s comp case repeatedly throughout the life of my husband’s case. As a spouse of the injured party, i have had my own questions noting that any outcome ultimately impacts my husband as well as our family. Attorney Kantrovitz has always acknowledged my concerns and to date has provided both my husband and I with competent advice/suggestions that will best support our family while ensuring my husband is afforded the best resolution to each and every aspect of his case.

- Kathleen

Workers compensation attorney

I hired Steven about 15 years ago for my workers compensation attorney . He did everything that I needed from an attorney . Still today I talk to him to say hi I consider him a friend and have recommended other people to him .

- Robert

Excellent job

Steven was the best referral I ever had in my life time . I didn’t know what to expect with my case that I didn’t even know I had one till I met him. The way Steve turn things around for me it was more then I ever expected. I forever will be thankful for your excellency, and for job well done,

- Maria

Awesome WC Lawyer

Attorney Steven Kantrovitz helped me thru a difficult WC process. I will be forever extremely grateful for his compassion and understanding. His knowledge and experienced surpassed my expectations. I will be recommending Steven to all my family and friends.

- Anna

Steve Kantrovitz, Highly recommended


I am in need of surgery for a work-related injury. I have exhausted all of my options up to this point, with therapy, injections, home exercises, doctor visits along with plenty of heat and ice. My doctor requested me to have surgery through the workmen's comp insurance company. The Insurance Company denied it! Steve kantrovitz went toe to toe with the insurance company and the outcome was remarkable and we received everything and more than we requested.

I would like to say a few words about Steve and myself.

I would have never thought that I would be in a position in my work career of 42 years, that I would need a lawyer. But I did!

I met Steve through the recommendation of a good friend of mine. Steve had helped and navigated my friend through some difficult times with a job-related injury. The outcome was an overwhelming success in the favor of Steve and my friend.

My thoughts and experience working with Steve are that he is clearly on the top of his game!

Has anyone ever met someone new and felt like you have known them all your life? That is exactly how Steve makes me feel.

Steve has guided me through my case keeping me well informed on every step. He is very good at explaining the situations and he puts it in a way that even I can understand it. lol, He really listens to me and has answered every question I have asked and he directs me in the right direction. There is something about Steve that, he picks you up and makes you feel good and confident. When you thank him for that, He replies, you don't have to thank me. This is what I do and it makes me feel good if you feel good. Steve is truly genuine! I can clearly see that Steve loves what he does in law and with helping people like myself.

- Joe

Great lawyer

Best phone call i have ever made. Steven and his team were alwas there for me, to answer all of my questions and concerns. He will make sure you are well taking care of.

- Mauricio

Excellent lawyer

Steve was the best referral that I can ever ask for. He helped me with injuries such as my right shoulder, neck and back. He helped me get the best second opinion I need for my right shoulder. Steve is an excellent attorney and I couldn't wish for anything less

- May

Great guy

Steven is a great lawyer and a good guy .

He told me what he could do for me and he didn’t what he said he would.

Every step of the way he kept me informed with everything I needed to know .

Thanks again Steven .

- Christopher

Highly recommend!

I was injured at work and lost the tip of my right ring finger and was soon pretty overwhelmed by process of workers compensation and was given Mr Kantrovitz's number from a friend of mine who used him in his injury case. It was one of the best decisions I made hiring Steven. He explained everything in detail and was clear about the whole process. There are some seriously complex issues that come up with workers compensation claims and with Steven's help, they were navigated with ease.

- Brian

Workmen’s comp case

Steve was very knowledgeable, down to earth and easy to talk to . He didn’t pressure you on anything and explained everything clearly so you understood what was being done and what the next step was going to be. Very personable he talked to you on your level not over your head.

- Doug

Excellent Customer Service. Very knowledgable.

Steve and his wife have always gotten back to me in a timely manner. Steve has never sugar coated anything. He has told me all of the pro's and con's of any decisions that we have made. I never feel as though I am alone on an island when I have Steve in my corner.

- Don


Steve Kantrovitz was my attorney for my workers compensation case. Steve is very direct and knowledgeable and an amazing advocate! He was always available to listen and answer any questions I had. I could not have asked for a better attorney to represent me . He truly works in the best interest of his clients. I was able to get more than I expected and I have Steve and his team to thank!

- Kristina

Steven is the workers' compensation lawyer you need

I highly recommend him due to his professionalism and efficiency in navigating the Mass State DIA court. He asks for and in my opinion deserves trust due to his years of experience with workers' comp. law in Massachusetts. He answered all of my questions, even the ones I wasn't quite sure how to put to him. Both he and Colleen have built a legal practice that looks out for your best interests with competence and understanding for the position one's in when the insurance company chooses to dispute an injury. I would recommend his legal services to anyone. Five stars.


Amazing “Down to Earth” Lawyer

Steve is an amazing person and lawyer. He makes to feel confident and secure through this WC process. He pays attention to every detail of your case. He was in constant contact with me about any and all updates. He always explained every situation well and in “regular” people terms. If I didn’t understand a process he would have me on the phone until I 100 percent understood. Without Steve I would be in a bad situation. Don’t hesitate to call Steve if you have a work place injury. You will not regret it I promise you. I unfortunately know how “some other” WC lawyers work with several of my friends and family being involved in injuries. After hearing their horrible stories....I could not believe how lucky I got to have Steve! He is amazing. I can’t thank him enough!

- William


Attorney Kantrovitz was awesome through the entire process. Experienced, knowledgeable and professional individual. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends.

- Anna

So grateful for Attorney Kantrovitz

after having to deal with Workman’s Comp I was very confused with the process of things. I was told of an attorney to get in touch with and did so. The attorney was Steven Kantrovitz. I cannot speak highly enough of Attorney Kantrovitz. He returned phone calls in a timely manner, answered the many questions I had and how to go through the entire process. He really genuinely cares about his clients. Even after the conclusion of my case he still said to call him any time with any questions. I was very impressed with him and his knowledge. His staff were very courteous and helpful also. I would highly recommend Attorney Steven Kantrovitz.

- Kelley

Steven Kantrovitz is an experienced, dedicated attorney

Back in December 2015, I sustained an injury at work. This injury was difficult to diagnose; leading to a post injury report being filed which caused complications during the worker's comp claim process. After working with an other attorney for several months, Mr. Kantrovitz took over my case. Within a few weeks, Mr. Kantrovitz was able to work with me in order to prove that my case was logical, and clearly work related. I highly recommend Mr. Kantrovitz to anyone looking for a worker's comp lawyer with experience that clearly shows in his work.

- Paul

Attorney Kantrovitz was detailed, honest and accurate, no bs

Steve was enjoyable to talk to, very “bubbly” as one would say, but very informative, honest and no bs as I respect and wanted. He delivered everything he said he would do but much sooner. I highly refer Steve he will not disappoint you and will tell it how it is no games. Thank you it was a pleasure you representing me and my family during this nightmare.

- Roger

About Steven Kantrovitz

I first met Steve in 1994 when I was hurt at work. Not knowing the trouble I was going to have with the insurance company trying to get the care I needed to get better and get paid. Steve was very good at educating me on how the system works, he resolved my issue got me the care I needed and back to work. Over the next 22 years while working for the same company injuries accured and treatment was needed. In 2016 I had an injury that I couldn’t return to work. Steve was there every step of the way fighting for me and giving me advice that was best for me. If you need a Lawyer I highly recommend Attorney Steven Kantrovitz he’s a Tiger in your corner, Steve is not only a wonderful Attorney but is a real caring man who doesn’t look at Dollar Signs but looks out for his clients best interests. Thanks for all your help Steve over the close to 25 years I’ve known you, you’ve always been there for me and I can’t thank you enough. All the best, Brian

- Brian

Results-Oriented Exceptional Lawyer

Attorney Steve Kantrovitz is an excellent lawyer. We were truly lucky to have had him represent us in this State/Worker’s Compensation matter, when my husband got injured at work. When it seemed that all hope was lost, Attorney Steve, put our minds at ease, by walking us through the process, being in constant communication with us and achieving great positive results for us. He is dynamic in the courtroom, representing all the facts as...

- Anonymous

No Worries, We are In Good Hands

My husband was injured at work, we were afraid and didn't know what to expect. Neither of us had been through anything like this before. We were worried about my husband's diagnosis, treatment and bills. I was referred to Steven by a good friend, she told me not to worry, he's my lawyer everything will be fine and we were going to be in good hands. Naturally, I am a worry wart and so is my husband, but we talked with Steven. He was like...

- Anonymous

If you are looking for honest, understanding, knowledgeable WC attorney, look no further.

My wife and I can't speak highly enough of Attorney Kantrovitz. From our first contact with him, through the settling of my Workmen's Compensation case ( which was well over 2 years) he handled everything with the utmost professionalism. Attorney Kantrovitz is highly knowledgeable in his field. He is honest and straightforward. He takes the time to explain each and every detail in terms that you can understand. He was their for us every step of...

- Daniel

Kind and Straightforward

I hired Steven Kantrovitz due to a worker's compensation issue. Steven patiently walked me through every step, told me what I could expect to happen, explained my options, answered every question and kept me updated throughout the whole process. He responded promptly to any email or phone call. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

- Carrie

We WON a complex mental health case!

I am a Registered Nurse and was injured at work when a patient’s son lunged at & attempted to cause me great bodily harm. I turned to Google after my employer told me that my work injury was complex and would NOT be covered by worker’s compensation insurance. I called Attorney Kantrovitz and he was available when I called and talked to me for over an hour. He stated it was not going to be easy but that we would win. Attorney...

- Jennifer

Lawyer for the Injured Worker...

Steve Kantrovitz is a lawyer for the injured worker. Never being injured before was scary enough, not knowing the process was even more intimidating. I say this because I had legitimate injuries confirmed by medical professionals, but in the work comp world, everything was grossly contested by the employer, the insurance company, and even medical professionals whose special interests are to limit rising insurance premiums, as...

- John Joslin

workmans comp,

my first phone call with Steven, gave me the feeling I was his most important client. Steven is straight forward and tells you what you can expect. Everything Steven told me what would happen and how things work did happen. He listened to my story and he was compassionate, and always listened and he did not push for anything, He always communicated everything back to me so I understood and sometimes that was a couple...

- monique

Hurt, scared, confused about comp?

Of prime consideration when hiring an attorney for worker's compensation, is their knowledge of the laws.

And, let me tell you, Mr. Kantrovitz is certainly well-versed in the laws of Massachusetts. My case was extremely complicated and without his guidance in the legal system, my injury might have been financially devastating. ...

- Dawn

Knowledgeable, Ethical, Honest, Forthright, Compassionate, Respectful

I find that Steven is very professional and answers questions the best that he can, and always asks if there is anything else you need information on. Very Pleasant to talk to. just all around a very nice guy. In workers comp cases you Must be represented by a competent attorney and I was Very fortunate to find Steven. He is real and smart and dedicated and I would like to take this moment to say: Thank you Steven, I know you have my interest in mind.

- Anonymous


It's the worst feeling being on workers comp, but when I needed a lawyer, Steven was my first choice. He is awesome; he explains everything and makes he stress of dealing with aweful insurance companies a lot better. I feel like I've known him for years. I highly recommend him.

- Anonymous

Workers Compensation

Being naive and working for a huge company I was lucky that Steve answered my inquiry on Avvo. A few answered but I was appreciative and impressed with Steve's initial response. Boy was I correct in selecting Steve.

Steve, was always there advocating my cause as my company attempted to bully me and after one year out on WC Steve was able to get a settlement for me and my family that far exceeded what we expected. 6 times greater than my uneducated guesstimate. I highly recommend Steve for any of your WC claims.

- Jim

Not your ordinary lawyer

When I had contacted Steven about a Workman's Comp case I wasn't sure what to expect. What I found with working with him was utter devotion to my case and his true commitment to understanding me and what had happened. Anything that had to be filed was filed without delay. He dealt with me in a most respectful, reassuring manor. Many times I would be unnerved from a letter that would come from WC or my place of business. I would call him very upset not understanding what was happening. He always called me back in a timely fashion and if he was in the office would answer the phone on my first call in and would put all my fears to rest. He had such a soothing way of speaking, never condescending, and I always knew I didn't have to worry. For as many times as I needed him he would always listen & support me like a friend. We had to go to court because WC cut off my benefits & left me without money. He hastened the court date and at the hearing he summed up my case to the judge. He had stated instances that I had actually forgotten about. My story just rolled off his tongue.The WC attorney stated they were not advised about something. Steven, being well prepared, handed over the letter that was made reference to. I was really impressed. So was the judge, she gave us everything he had asked for, more surgery & back pay from date of denial. I can't thank Steve enough. If I know of someone who is dealing with WC I highly recommend Steven. I am forever grateful for all he has done for me & my family. I know I could not have done this without him.

- Mary

The Best in town

Hello reader.

I had a workers comp. case, and after a while the insurance company started to give me hard time.I decided it was time for an attorney After speaking with couple different Lawyers, I was not satisfied with them whatsoever.After reading the reviews about Mr.Kantrovitz here on Avvo ,I decided to give him a call.(The best decision of my life). Great guy,attentive, friendly and most of all he calls me back whenever I had a question,and always had an answer,but never sugar coated anything. He tells you exactly how it is and not what you want to hear. This review is the best way I can thank him for such an exceptional job. Just settled my workers comp case today and I couldn't be any happier with what he did. Give him a call and see for yourself what kind of person he is.I'd Recommend him anyday.He's definitely my Attorney of choice.

- Manuel

The Best

I found Attorney Kantrovitz extremely professional. Before hiring I had several phone conversations regarding my rights and how to get the compensation I deserved to protect my family's financial welfare. I was offered advice freely and at no time was I ever pressured to go with him or his firm.This impressed me. Needless to say, Attorney Kantrovitz was with me every step of the way and the outcome was more than satisfactory.

- Jerry

Great Lawyer - Boston

Kantrovitz is a great lawyer that shows a lot of compassion for his clients dealing with their personal life along with their injury. The Kantrovitz office is also extremely professional, on time with answering calls and answer any question

- Anonymous


After being seriously injured by two suspects while doing my job, the insurance company began telling me I was fine and to go back to work, days after I was released from the hospital. I needed a good attorney and was referred to Steve Kantrovitz. Not only did Steve win my case, but the insurance co. had to apologize in open court for the false statements they made about me and the circumstances of my case. The next concern I had was weather or not Steve would help me after the case had ended. I had been told by several of my cohorts at work that once my case was over in the court room lawyers were impossible to get them to call you back.Steve has returned every single phone call that I requested. Yes thats right all of them, day, night and even weekends Steve would always return my calls and was patient and spoke to me in terms even I could understand. There was a point before my case was settled that I could not take it anymore. My family and friends were very concerned about my well being not only because the insurance co. was being unreasonable , but my injuries were not being treated by the proper professionals. I absolutely would NOT be exaggerating in saying that Steve was one of the professionals who continually encouraged and informed me in laymans terms about the court proceedings. I have and will continue to refer family and friends to STEVE Kantrovitz. Having to deal with an unusual situation as far as the circumstances of the incident that led to my injuries, I am so grateful that I was lucky enough to get an understanding and compassionate attorney, that is Steve Kantrovitz. For the last four years Steve has always been there for me, answering legal questions, encouraging my wife and me to try and remain patient, Steve is unlike any attorney I have ever dealt with, even if I had to get an attorney for another type of case, I would still go to Steve Kantrovitz and ask for an attorney he would reccomend , because I trust him completely.

- Bill Connell

best of the best

mr. Kantrovitz was promt and always kept me in the loop. over all fantastic job could of asked for a better representative or outcome. ty steven

- Fabio

Attorney Steven Kantrovitz take the worrying out of your Workers Comp Claim.

I hired Attorney Steven Kantrovitz in 2009 and he told me what to expect during these tough times for me and my family, Steve is very knowledgeable and took care of the court proceedings and issues i had with the insurance company trying to stop my pay and say i could go back to work and do something. My case took almost 4 years to finish and with the help of Attorney Kantrovitz i have settled my claim and my family and I are getting back to living our lives. Call Attorney Steven Kantrovitz and have the area's top lawyer fighting for your rights.

- Ray C

Rest easy knowing Kantrovitz and Associates are on the job.

On November of 2009 I was injured at work and was given Steve's number by a co-worker and friend. They told me to call "just in case". Well I am glad I did! Steve and his staff took care of my needs and protected my rights throughout the entire workers compensation process (over 3 years worth) including filing all my social security paperwork and negotiating a settlement at the end of my claim. There were times I was stressed or worried due to my lack of knowledge or what I saw as unfair practices by the IME doctors or comp and Steve was always there to explain how it was working and that I was NOT to worry. Steve is blessed to have people working for him that helped me on numerous occasions such as Paulina the lady with the friendly reassuring voice that was always there on the phone to help me. Anna the Paralegal who filed my paperwork and was there to help sort out document issues, and Eric the Lawyer who handled my social security claim. These people make you feel like a friend not just a client. THEY CARE!!! I cannot stress that enough. I hope I never need an attorney again in this capacity, but if I do, I rest easy knowing Steve and the rest of his incredible staff will be there for me.

- Chuck


Steven represented me in a workers compensation case, he listened to the details of my case. Took notes, and made suggestions. Told me I have your back Dennis. After having two surgeries and a lenghty recovery, I have just two months to finish school. The process you are going to go through is not an easy one. There are many things which are going to happen that you do not know. Steven is aware of everything which can and will happen. Bring him your questions, and he will supply the answers!

The recovery from work injury is rough enough. Do not go it alone. Go at it with a man who has been there and will have your back. You can't go wrong.

- Dennis

Involved and Trustworthy

Steven Kantrovitz helped me through the hardest time of my life. He was always available when I had a question or when I was concerned about something. He never downplayed anything and was always upfront and as truthful as he could be about my situation. I am very grateful to have had Steve as a lawyer and would happily recommend him to others in need.

- Lisa

Excellent Lawyer Great Guy!

After falling down the stairs at work I was told by my Dr that I needed spine surgery. When My appointments started being denied by workman's compensation I did not know where to turn to for help. I had heard Stevens add on WBZ and gave him a call. He instantly put my mind at ease and explained what was going on and what to expect over the next several weeks. Because of Steve the insurance company accepted liability for my work injury.

- Bryan

Feel Confident in Knowing You Are With the Best of Boston....Steven Kantrovitz KNOWS What You Need! He Is There Through It All!

Without Attorney Steven Kantrovitz, I would have lost the Workers Comp battle right from the start with all of its medical-legal ramifications. I had all I could do to make the call. I thank God for him!

Never having had any reason to have a WC Attorney, I was strongly urged by a colleague to contact Steven as her experience with him was outstanding. I was encouraged by WC to find an attorney and they sent a list. He came recommended by them also. I had no idea in my case what to do, having been a committed employee with a strong work ethic. I need to say, I was nervous, and knew I could not handle it alone. When I finally made the connection with Steven Kantrovitz, all my anxieties were alleviated at once. His kind demeanor, the time he spent answering my questions and explaining, in detail, the process of what I needed to do. He represented me in speaking with all the appropriate insurance and workers comp. professionals on my case. Truly, he did it all! When something was denied, he saw to it that it was approved. He was completely compassionate and sensitive to my every need. I went to the best MDs and he would see to it that everything got approved as my case became more serious over time. I always knew I could pick up the phone and he'd call right back or within a 24 hour period. This is remarkable. There are many times I would receive a notice and anxiously call him, only to be reassured it is all being taken care of, that it is part of the system. I could go on and on. All I know is that if I had me for a client, I'd have to be ready...and he always is. My injury has developed into a nightmare and he understands, as does his staff.

My initial work related injury has become a challenging journey of balancing so many issues of a 'day in one's life', which I battle with every day. I feel so blessed for so many along the way, I truly do.

When it comes to Attorney "Steven" Kantrovitz, I believe I have received the very best legal counsel in Workers Comp, that there ever was!! He is knowledgable, caring, and listens with every bit of compassion he has. He follows through with every detail implicitly and has represented me every step of the way. I am eternally grateful to Attorney STEVEN KANTROVITZ

for supporting me through my case. You deserve the award, Attorney Steven Kantrovitz "Best of Boston"!! Thank you again and again!!!

- Carol

Look no further

I was lost in the Workers' Compensation system fighting both my employer and their insurance company. I was being mocked, had outstanding bills piling up and was not allowed to get the surgery I needed. I thought I was savvy enough to go it alone as I thought the system was neutral and fair. I was just looking to be made whole, but the insurance company fought me at every turn. Finally beaten down, I did an internet search and happened upon Attorney Steven Kantrovitz. From the initial free consultation through a couple of long years, Attorney Kantrovitz and his staff were open, honest, caring and zealously got me what was deserved.

- Zippy

Very knowledgeable and professional law firm

Steve is very knowledgeable and is able to answer any questions you might have, explaining it in language you can understand. He is very empathetic and listens to you.

- Mary

Highly recommend Steve Kantrovitz for representation

Steve Kantrovitz has represented me for the last 3 years for my case. He has been extremely professional, communicative, timely, and responsive to me as his client. I had a great legal experience due to his knowledge and support resulting in a settlement I was pleased with. I highly recommend him to others for representation.

- Melissa

Excellent lawyer!

Attorney Kantrovitz is an extremely good lawyer: knowledgable, reliable, supportive and pro-active. You can't ask for a better professional or a better experience. He has an amazing dedication to his clients, whom he truly cares about!

- Jackie

I dont know what i would of done if i didn't have Steven H. Kantrovitz, as my lawyer

Steve always did me right,I used his services twice and both times he had done right by me and always had my back, if you have the wrong attorney you wont get the service you get from Steve.

he knows the law ,and the system, so well. He even did more than he had to for me, like getting me on SSD.I would be out on the street if I didn't have him as a lawyer, I would recommed him

100%, plus he can handle all your needs,I have recommended him in the past to friends

that need help, because he will get the job done right,he did with me twice

- Eric


I got hurt at work over a year ago, i didn't know what I was going to do, so I interviewed about 5 different workers compensation Attorney's, Steven was the fifth Attorney I interviewed, I knew he was the Attorney for me, he had such a calming effect on me and he knew what was the best road to go for ME.

I would highly recommend Steve!! He has everything under control and YOU are his top priority. I would call him almost in tears after I received a letter from the Workers Compensation Insurance Company, by the end of the phone call, he would have me smiling and I knew I was in great hands and he had the problem already worked out.

Steve is very clear about how things are going to play out. He is 100% correct. He would always call me after going to court or talking to another Attorney and say "yes, everything went as planned or better".


- Diane

So glad I had Steven Kantrovitz to represent me.

I definitely recommend Steven Kantrovitz. My first meeting with Steve put me at ease. He answered all my questions. He told me what to expect and what the process involved. He is extremely knowledgeable and proficient. Steve was available by email or phone. He walked me through every

step. He has a wonderful team of support staff who were also very helpful. I always felt my case was important to them as well as me. Even though my case was settled, Steve remains available to help me with other problems that may arise.

- Linda


Attorney Kantrovitz met me by ACCIDENT. Work related that is. I can tell you 1st hand that he is not just another Attorney looking to make a quick buck on the misfortune of people like me that get hurt on the job or by any other means. He responded to everyone of my e-mails and or phone calls almost Immediately. His office staff is very prompt as well. Attorney Kantrovitz stood by my side for over two full years and did not stop until he got me the maximum benifits the workmans comp laws and courts would allow. I lost my job after 10+ full years of dedication as a lead supervisor due to several illnesses & injuries, that I never reported because I was to busy being dedicated to that company. When I got my 6th work related injury in December 2004 just days prior to my birthday & Christmas.I thought it was the end of the world. With a faimily of four ,car payments and a high mortgage my life seemed lost when I got my walking papers. by luck and chance I got his letter in the mail. and from that day on he has stood by my side to make sure I was all set to carry on with my life. I have met tons of money 1st Attorneys. That really didn't care about me or my health as long as they had their hands full of my money 1st. Attorney Kantrovitz. Will take every step & measure to make sure your life is his 1st & best interest. Look no further . STOP HERE !!!

- Keith David

Attorney Review - Steve Kantrovitz

Steve has represented me in a Workers Compensation case since April pf 2012. I can't imagine the position I'd be in without his representation. I know very little about Workers Comp., rules and regulations, and there are plenty of people out their with advice about what you should do. Steve's knowledge and experience helped me greatly through a difficult situation. Steve communicated with me regularly and was quick to respond to my calls. Steve always kept me up to date and informed on what was going on. He is hard working and professional and I am very pleased that he represents me. I would highly recommend hiring Steve if you have a Workers Comp. issue.

- Kevin