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Workers’ Compensation Retaliation in Boston, Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation and FMLA in Boston Why Do You Need a Boston Workers’ Compensation Attorney? When Should You Contact a Boston Workers’ Comp Lawyer? What is Considered a Workers’ Compensation Injury in Boston? Types of Injuries and Workplace Illnesses That Qualify for Workers’ Comp Spinal Cord Injuries from a Workplace Accident in Boston, Massachusetts Settling a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Massachusetts Scaffolding Accidents in Boston, Massachusetts Repetitive Stress Injuries at Work in Boston Post-Traumatic Stress at Work in Boston Occupational Illnesses and Workers’ Compensation in Boston, Massachusetts Knee, Shoulder and Elbow Injuries at Work in Boston, Massachusetts Is ADR Right for Your Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Case in Boston, Massachusetts? Injuries from Machinery in the Workplace in Boston, Massachusetts Injuries Caused by Falling Objects in Boston, Massachusetts Industrial Equipment Accidents in Boston How Do I Qualify for Workers’ Comp in Boston? Experienced Workplace Injury Advocates in Boston, Massachusetts Denied Workers’ Comp Benefits in Boston Crushing Injuries at Work in Boston, Massachusetts Construction and Manufacturing Injuries in Boston, Massachusetts Car Accidents on the Job in Boston, Massachusetts Burn and Explosion Injuries at Work in Boston Massachusetts Regulators Turn Down Proposed Hike in Workers’ Compensation Rates Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Fraud Massachusetts Business Owner Pleads Guilty to Workers’ Compensation Fraud Termination Date for Disability Benefits in Massachusetts Employer Can’t Deduct Workers’ Compensation Insurance Premiums from Employees’ Pay Medical Marijuana Expense May Be Compensable Under Workers’ Compensation in Massachusetts Cambridge-Based Researchers Claim Fostering Workplace Trust May Improve Outcomes for Employees Who Are Injured at Work Massachusetts Employee’s Workers’ Compensation Award Overturned Because He Failed to Meet His Evidentiary Burden Former Massachusetts Corrections Officer Entitled to Assault Pay For Duration of Workers’ Compensation Award More Information Required in Massachusetts Housekeeper’s Workers’ Compensation Case Employee Whose Disability Was Caused by Underlying Factors May Not Continue to Collect Workers’ Compensation Benefits Following Massachusetts Workplace Incident Nurse Eligible For Full Workers’ Compensation Benefits; Not Required to Retrain on Computers Massachusetts Employees Who Accept a Lump Sum Workers’ Compensation Settlement May Not Appeal Benefits Award Later Employers Who Misclassify Workers in Massachusetts Can Face Criminal and Civil Penalties for Workers’ Compensation Fraud 52-Year-Old Road Construction Worker Awarded Workers’ Compensation Benefits Over Disabling Back Injury Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation for Depression After Physical Injury ALJ Properly Calculated Springfield Painter’s Average Weekly Wage Using Seasonal Approach Massachusetts Employee’s Workers’ Compensation Benefits Claim Barred by Prior Ruling OSHA Issues New Safety Rule Created to Protect Construction Workers in Massachusetts and Elsewhere Impartial Medical Expert’s Conflicting Testimony at Issue in Massachusetts § 34A Permanent Disability Benefits Case Injured Employees May Struggle to Collect Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Benefits Employee Receives Total Incapacity Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Massachusetts Workplace Accident Despite Suffering Non-Compensable Pre-Existing Injury Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents Awards Safety Training Grants to Seven Employers Workers’ Compensation Reviewing Board Finds Judge Committed Error in Massachusetts Employee Benefits Case Massachusetts Appellate Court Affirms Reviewing Board’s Decision Denying Workers’ Compensation Benefits Workers’ Compensation for Chronic Pain Dollar Tree Store in Roslindale, Massachusetts Cited For Workplace Safety Violations Not All Massachusetts Employers are Eager to Protect Injured Employees Who are Hurt at Work Tragic Workplace Deaths Highlight the Need for Massachusetts Employers to Comply With Established Health and Safety Regulations Massachusetts Widow Denied Workers’ Compensation Benefits Where Spouse’s Cause of Death Listed as Cardiovascular Disease Federal Court Holds Massachusetts Worker’s Emotional Distress Claims Preempted by MWCA OSHA Issues More Than $110K in Proposed Fines Over Fall Hazards at Easthampton Renovation Project Employee Ordered to Repay Overturned § 28 Payment for Serious and Willful Employer Conduct Reviewing Board Finds Doctrine of Issue Preclusion Applies in Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Case Massachusetts Court Defers to Judge’s Determination Regarding Employee Credibility in Workers’ Compensation Benefits Case Claimant’s Attorney Ordered to Pay Costs After Filing Second Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Claim Without Reasonable Grounds Former Suffolk County Correctional Officer Convicted of Committing Workers’ Compensation Fraud Wages Earned Through Uninsured Employer May Not be Used to Calculate Workers’ Compensation Benefit Payments in Massachusetts Massachusetts Appellate Court Affirms Reviewing Board’s Decision in Workers’ Compensation Case Massachusetts Employee Receives Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Psychiatric Condition Related to Workplace Back Injury Erroneous Massachusetts Correctional Officer’s Workers’ Compensation Benefits Award Vacated Massachusetts Cleaner Claims She Was Denied Workers’ Compensation and Other Benefits Workers’ Compensation Judge Failed to Consider Massachusetts Employer’s Asserted Defense in Knee Injury Case Massachusetts Appeals Court Affirms Sanctions in Worker’s Compensation Case Brought Without Reasonable Grounds Report Finds Workers’ Compensation Benefits Decreased in Massachusetts and Across U.S. OSHA’s Temporary Enforcement Policy Related to Confined Spaces in Construction Standard Applies to Many Massachusetts Workers Appellate Court Finds Hurt Correction Worker Entitled to Receive Assault Pay Despite Mandatory Retirement Massachusetts Court Finds Worker’s Negligent Hiring and Supervision Claim Barred by Workers’ Compensation Act Massachusetts Lawmakers Considering Bill That Would Extend Federal Health and Safety Laws to Public Sector Employees Massachusetts Employee Denied Workers’ Compensation Benefits After Failing to Timely Pursue Disability Claim in Previously Filed Case Employee’s Average Weekly Wage Generally Must be Based on Earnings at the Time of Massachusetts Workplace Accident Total Incapacity Benefits Award Recommitted After Massachusetts Employer Denied Due Process Reviewing Board Has Primary Jurisdiction Over Claims Related to Workers’ Compensation Benefits Paid to Injured Massachusetts Workers Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Benefits Award Must be Based on Credible Evidence Preliminary 2014 Labor Statistics Show a Two Percent Increase in Workplace Fatalities in Massachusetts and Elsewhere Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Case Vacated Over Administrative Judge’s Error Industrial Accidents Reviewing Board Upholds Order Requiring Return of Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Disability Benefit Overpayments Massachusetts Appeals Court Upholds Double Benefits Award in Workers’ Compensation Case Study Conducted by Massachusetts-Based Research Institute Reveals the Cost of Employee Injuries May be Needlessly Shifted to Workers’ Compensation Insurance Massachusetts Reviewing Board Recommits Workers’ Compensation Case Where Judge Failed to Issue Findings Brockton Truck Driver Charged With Unemployment and Workers’ Compensation Fraud Violence is Now a Leading Cause of Workplace Injuries for Health Care Employees in Massachusetts and Nationwide Workers’ Compensation Benefits Award Upheld After Massachusetts Employee Suffers Herniated Disc District of Massachusetts Remands Case Based on Workers’ Compensation Law Back to Middlesex County Superior Court Massachusetts Senate Passes Three Bills Aimed at Assisting Injured and At-Risk Workers Order Awarding Injured Massachusetts Worker Assistance in Securing Handicapped Housing Upheld Understanding Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Massachusetts Massachusetts Observes Workers’ Memorial Day in Honor of Employees Killed in Workplace Accidents Massachusetts Correctional Officer Denied Closed Period Workers’ Compensation Benefits Where Work Stress Was Not a Major Cause of Medical Symptoms Brockton-Based Roofer Issued $72,800 in Proposed Fines Over Employee Fall Hazards Workers’ Compensation Benefits Award Reversed for Hurt Massachusetts Worker Employed by Foreign Consulate Proposed Bill Would Expand Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Workers Who Suffer Disfiguring Job-Related Scarring OSHA Issues $41K in Proposed Fines to Painting Contractor Over Fall Hazards and Lead Exposure at Fall River Worksite Cambridge Group Claims Many Employee Medical Costs May be Shifted to Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation System in the Future Massachusetts Cracks Down on Employers Who Commit Workers’ Compensation Fraud Massachusetts Nurse With Pre-Existing PTSD Receives Workers’ Compensation Benefits Due to Employer’s Acts Further Evidentiary Findings Required in Massachusetts Repetitive Stress Injury Workers’ Compensation Benefits Case Employee Receives Benefits Despite Adverse Ruling in Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Case OSHA Issues Nearly $300K in Fines After Three Massachusetts Roofing Workers are Hurt in Fall Accident New Law Provides Massachusetts Domestic Employees With Workers’ Compensation and Other Benefits Ride-Sharing Companies May be Required to Purchase Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Drivers OSHA Files Complaint Over Equipment Hazards Faced by Workers at Shipping Company Operating in Massachusetts and Elsewhere Massachusetts Appeals Court Finds Employee Was Not Terminated for Seeking Workers’ Compensation Benefits Complex Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Cases May Require Additional Medical Evidence Numerous OSHA Violations Highlight the Importance of Workplace Safety in Massachusetts Collecting Workers’ Compensation Benefits is Becoming More Difficult for Employees in Massachusetts and Across the Nation Study Claims State-Regulated Drug Formulary Could Reduce Workers’ Compensation Medication Costs in Massachusetts and Other States by 29 Percent Report Finds Health Care Worker Injuries Decline But Severity of Harm Increases in Massachusetts and Elsewhere Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Benefits Award Overturned Because Judge Adopted Conflicting Medical Opinions Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Claimant Must Prove Worsening Symptoms Are Not Due to Age Possible Failure of Electronic Filing Service Requires Recommittal of Employee Claim Injured Worker With Work-Related Pre-existing Condition Entitled to Benefits for Subsequent Injury Massachusetts Claimant May Submit Additional Medical Evidence of Pre-existing Condition ‘Right of Control’ Test Determines Employee Status and Eligibility for Workers’ Compensation Benefits under Massachusetts Law Injured Massachusetts Correctional Officer Receives Workers’ Compensation Plus More Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Claimant Entitled to Full Award for Pain and Suffering from Settlement of Suit Against Third Parties: No Set-Off for Workers’ Compensation Carrier Workers’ Compensation is Survivors’ Only Recourse Against Employer for Death of Mental Health Counselor Killed by Patient Massachusetts Claimant Denied Benefits for Injury on Street Controlled by His Employer Widow Entitled to Workers’ Compensation Benefits Following Husband’s Suicide due to Work Injury Massachusetts Worker Requests Total Hip Replacement Construction Site Dangers in Massachusetts Massachusetts Worker With Difficulties Speaking English Entitled to Compensation Massachusetts Seafood Processor Cited for Serious Violations Falling Objects in Massachusetts Workplaces Hazards of Combustible Metal Powders in Massachusetts Credibility and History of Bringing Workers’ Compensation Claims in Massachusetts Workplace Fall and Death on Massachusetts Construction Site The Risk of Being Crushed in Massachusetts Manufacturing Benefits for Massachusetts Worker With Neck Injury Suing a Massachusetts Business That Fails to Carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance Expanding the Medical Record in Massachusetts Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in Massachusetts Silicosis Work Injuries in Massachusetts Submitting Additional Medical Records in Massachusetts Can You Get Benefits in Massachusetts While in a Court-Ordered Alcohol Treatment Program? Workplace Explosions and Safety in Massachusetts Can You Recover Against Both an Uninsured Employer and the Fund? Death Due to Machines in Massachusetts’s Workplaces Dangers of a Front-End Loader in Massachusetts Submitting Additional Testimony in Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Combustible Hazards in Massachusetts’ Workplaces Impact of Misrepresentations About Your Activities in Massachusetts Dangers in Food Manufacturing and Processing Jobs in Massachusetts Saunas in Massachusetts Should Be Aware of Dangers to Workers Medical Reports Made by Insurer’s Physicians in Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Claims Causing Disability in Massachusetts Working with Vinyl Acetate in Massachusetts Electrical Safety Violations in Massachusetts How Does Old Age Impact Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Cases? Dangers of Excavation in Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation for Self-Employed Sole Proprietors in Massachusetts Texting While Working in Massachusetts Extreme Weather Conditions Present Hazards to Outdoor Workers Welding Hazards in Massachusetts Expert Vocational Testimony in Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Crane Safety in Massachusetts Metal Finishing Hazards in Massachusetts OSHA Proposes New Rule That Could Affect Massachusetts Workplaces Nursing Home Workplace Injuries in Massachusetts Effect of Wages from Outside Massachusetts on Workers’ Compensation Retaliation in Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Recreational Activities and Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Exceptions to the Going and Coming Rule in Massachusetts Emotional Injuries Resulting from a “Bona Fide Personnel Action” in Massachusetts Misclassification of Workers in Massachusetts The Coming and Going Rule in Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Impartial Physician Reports in Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation What Kinds of Benefits Are Available Under Massachusetts’ Workers’ Compensation System? Avoiding Top Workplace Injuries in Massachusetts Excavation Cave-ins in Massachusetts Woman Sentenced in Massachusetts Insurance Fraud Case Causation in Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Cases Penalty for Massachusetts Employers Who Repeatedly Violate OSHA Special Concerns of Massachusetts Women in Construction Opioid Use by Injured Massachusetts Workers Long Distance Driving for Work in Massachusetts Repetitive Stress Injuries in Massachusetts Dangers of Asbestos in Massachusetts Workplaces Safety Risks for Transportation Workers in Massachusetts Traumatic Brain Injury in Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Cases Hazards of Massachusetts Manufacturing Companies Massachusetts’ Restaurant and Bakery Worker Suffers Injury Workplace Violence in Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Case Crushing Injuries in Massachusetts Construction L4-5 Disc Injuries Are a Common Workplace Injury in Massachusetts Wrong Standard Applied in Massachusetts Art Teacher’s Workers’ Comp Case Diesel Presents a Hazard to Massachusetts Workers Massachusetts Insurer Cannot Re-Litigate an Issue Already Conceded Massachusetts Nurse’s Testimony on Her Ability to Work is Given Weight Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Judge Must Consider Evidence of Causation for Psychiatric Injury Working with Machines in Massachusetts The Effect of Toxic Spills in Massachusetts Massachusetts Workers’ Comp Judge May Rely on Employee Testimony Heat Illness in Massachusetts Using Social Media if You Have a Massachusetts’ Workers’ Compensation Claim Electrical Injury in Massachusetts What Massachusetts Workers Should Know About Occupational Hearing Loss Amputations in Massachusetts Workplaces Massachusetts Packaging Facility Violates Hazardous Waste Regulations Table Saw Injuries in Massachusetts Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Award to Warehouse Worker Affirmed Massachusetts Construction Foreman is Found Permanently Disabled Massachusetts Construction Sites’ Top Injuries Are Falls Massachusetts Teen Workers Are Eligible for Workers’ Compensation Benefits Massachusetts Plumber is Found to be Partially Incapacitated Massachusetts Temporary Workers Should Celebrate Increased OSHA Oversight Massachusetts Retail Store Receives Multiple OSHA Citations Toxic Chemicals Released by Massachusetts Companies Can Cause Injury Safety Violations in Massachusetts Food Manufacturing Facility Propane Tank Explosion Causes Injury to a Massachusetts Worker Falling Injuries at Massachusetts Construction Site Does Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Recognize Psychiatric Injuries Linked to Physical Pain? Massachusetts Candy Company Cited for Serious Violation by OSHA Massachusetts Appellate Court Affirms Judge’s Discretion to Choose Between Medical Opinions Massachusetts Appellate Court’s Ruling Gives Judge Wide Latitude in Assessing Doctor Credibility New Report Called “Dying for Work in Massachusetts” Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation and Pre-Existing Conditions After a Workplace Injury, is Someone Watching You? Is Your Massachusetts Employer Keeping Records Required by OSHA? Can I Get Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation for Car Accident? Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation and Mental Health-Related Claims Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Benefits – When Do They Stop? Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation and Employees Who Travel Can Injured Workers Choose Their Own Doctors? OSHA Releases Tool to Help Workers Who May Have Been Exposed to Cadmium Office Workers Qualify for Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Workers’ Compensation Costs per Claim Decline in Massachusetts Workers Urged to Use Caution in Wake of Hurricane Sandy Workplace Violence in Massachusetts Toxic Substances and Workers’ Compensation Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation and Fatal Accidents Study Finds Many Doctors Fail to Follow Guidelines for Narcotic Painkillers Workers’ Compensation Covers Some Emotional, Mental Disabilities Why Would My Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Claim Be Denied? Workers’ Compensation and the “Scope of Employment” Requirement Medical Treatment Guidelines May Help for Lower Back Injuries Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Eligibility – Am I an Employee or an Independent Contractor? Massachusetts Worker Severs Finger in Work Accident Massachusetts Provides Protection for Temporary Workers Do I Have a Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Claim or a Personal Injury Lawsuit? Massachusetts Employer Charged with Workers’ Compensation Fraud Study Shows Lump Sum Workers’ Compensation Payments Encourage Return to Work Undocumented Aliens and Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Benefits OSHA Levels Serious Fines on Massachusetts Food Plant How Much Will My Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Benefit Be? What Happens If My Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Claim is Denied? How to Recognize the Signs of Employer Massachusetts Workers Compensation Fraud DeMoulas and OSHA Finally Reach a Settlement After Widespread Safety Complaints What Benefits are Available for a Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Claim? What Should I Do If I am Injured on the Job? West Virginia Mine Explosion Brings to Light Workplace Accident Survivor Benefits Massachusetts Teens at Risk For On-The-Job Injuries Workers’ Compensation Versus Private Health Insurance Dangers in the Massachusetts Workplace Workplace Injuries Take Time and Effort to Recover Healthcare Workers Face Rising Number of On-the-Job Injuries Massachusetts Employees – You’re Covered by Workers’ Compensation After a Workplace Accident Fall Dangers in the Massachusetts Workplace
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Steve is very knowledgeable and is able to answer any questions you might have, explaining it in language you can understand. He is very empathetic and listens to you. Mary
I just wanted to thank Steve for all he did for me. He stayed in touch, he was VERY prepared, he explained every step to me clearly, and he made me feel comfortable. He is a really down to earth guy, who CARES about the people he represents. I can’t say recommend him enough. Please feel free to use this as a testimonial. Joanne M
Steve, I just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work and effort on my behalf. You really made a stressful situation bearable and I never felt like you weren’t right on top of things, which I very much appreciate. You are a good man my friend and for that I thank you. Bobby